Grenada Chocolate Co Organic Cocoa Powder 100%

Grenada Chocolate Co Organic Cocoa Powder 100%

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Fans of the Grenada Chocolate Co., and especially their simply outstanding 100% chocolate bar will be glad to try out this cocoa powder version which makes it far easier to make hot drinking chocolate out of. All you need is two teaspoons of the delicious unsweetened cocoa powder added to some hot milk to help relax those aching shoulders and wearied soul.

Of course, this, and all the other Grenada Chocolate Co. products are made from their own organic cacao from the island and is processed in a highly ethical manner and then shipped over to us fans.

Additional Information

Weight 170g
Produced in Grenada
Ingredients Organic Cocoa beans (USDA Organic certified)
Origin Grenada - Trinitario
Best Before 23/01/2016
Allergens May contain traces of other nuts, milk, eggs and gluten (wheat).

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