Organic Grenada Chocolate Co. Bar Salty-Licious

Organic Grenada Chocolate Co. Bar Salty-Licious

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We've listed this bar before we've actually had a chance to review it ourselves which means that you might get to try it before we do. The information I have about the bar contains 70% organic cocoa beans, 29% organic cane sugar, 1% cocoa butter, 0.02% salt and 0.3% soya lecithin. It has a strong bitter sweet, fruity flavour which is significantly greater than the 60% Nib-a-licious bar, but obviously with an added saltiness. In terms of texture, it seems that Grenada Chocolate Co. bars always have a velvety smooth mouth-feel, but here there's an additional crunch given by the salt. If you're interested this bar has 526Kcal per 100g and is suitable for vegans and those wishing to have an egg-free diet (it's not labelled as egg free though).

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