Hans Sloane Rich Dark Chocolate Beads

Hans Sloane Rich Dark Chocolate Beads

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Sometimes even I feel a 100% dark drinking chocolate is a bit too much and a luscious, rich, fairly sweet hot chocolate with just a slight dark kick is exactly what I need - and this option from Hans Sloane gives just that sensation - even with a touch of caramel notes.

It's currently cold out and I'm sat in the office supping on this hot chocolate liquid that seems to create a mental shield from the seemingly ice-cold breeze that whistles through the trees and would make be yearn for distance shores if I did venture out. And that's the whole purpose of hot chocolate - to envelope you in a warming chocolate 'blanket' - and you certainly go too far wrong with this. 

At 53% it's not going to be as intense as some of the others in this category, but if you like it more on the sweet than the intense side then is one could be perfect.


Maker Hans Sloane
Awards Great Taste Gold 2011 - One Star
Best Before 05/11/2015
Ingredients Cocoa mass, sugar , cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring
Cocoa 53% Minimum
Produced Un UK
Weight 270g
Dietary Nuts and materials containing gluten are handled in the production area. Store in a cool dark place.