Hans Sloane Smooth Milk Chocolate Beads

Hans Sloane Smooth Milk Chocolate Beads

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We loved the dark version of this dark chocolate but now we step up the sweetness a touch and reduce the cocoa solids from 53% to 42% and introduce some milk solids. This has the effect of mellowing the experience. If you're using it with hot milk then the sweetness will be more evident but if you're creating it with hot water (and why not) then it just adds a touch of creaminess to what would be a Puritanical affair otherwise.

This milk version feels well-suited to a blast of soothing sweetness as you settle down after a hard day at work as you try and eke out some more 'me time' before you retire to bed for the night.


Maker Hans Sloane
Awards Great Taste Gold 2011 - One Star
Best Before 06/11/2015
Ingredients Whole Milk Powder (milk solids 20% minimum), Emulsifier, Soya, Lecithin, Sugar.
Cocoa 42% Minimum
Produced Un UK
Weight 270g
Dietary Nuts and materials containing gluten are handled in the production area. Store in a cool dark place.