Hoja Verde 100% Dark Chocolate

Hoja Verde 100% Dark Chocolate

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We always like to find new and interesting chocolate and on our travels we found this small-scale chocolate maker based in Ecuador. They use local Nacional Arriba beans and produce a range of dark chocolates.  

The aroma of this 100% bar is divine. It's heavy, heady and punchy; it is actually fairly reminiscent of the AMMA 100% with its maple syrup and orange tones. The first bite will deliver more wisps of the orange but then deliver hazelnut, orange liqueur, brandy, banana and jasmine. There is just so much going on in this chocolate.

What we also like is the sheer thickness of each piece. You certainly won't need much to satisfy your needs. 

Even after the melt the flavour still continues on the tip of your tongue and the sides of your mouth. 

Despite being a 100% it’s not as strident as some. It's more restrained, but full of flavour.

Additional Information

Maker: Hoja Verde
Ingredients Cocoa Mass, cacao butter, soya lecithin.
Cocoa 100%
Origin Lowlands Ecuador
Produced In Ecuador
Weight 80g
Dietary May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, milk and wheat. Kosher.
Fat Content per Bar 21g, saturated fat 13g
Bean Arriba
C-Spot Rating 8.53/10

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