Hoja Verde 72% Dark Chocolate

Hoja Verde 72% Dark Chocolate

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This is an absolutely splendid 72%. It's just so rich, creamy, floral with a touch of the nutty that you sometimes get in Ecuadorian chocolate. With it there is a background flavour which is typical of Hoja Verde in that it's a very 'green' one which is either ironic or by design as Verde is obviously Spanish for 'Green'. As that subsides it most definitely does move into 'fig' - there is no denying that. 

What is surprising is the lack of either acidity or astringency which makes this a very good 80% to start or even extend your experience with.

Additional Information

Maker: Hoja Verde
Ingredients Cocoa Mass, Sguar - both ingredients are organically produced
Cocoa 72% minimum
Origin Lowlands Ecuador
Produced In Quito, Ecuador
Weight 80g
Dietary May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, milk and wheat. Kosher.
Fat Content per Bar 32g, saturated fat 20g
Bean Arriba
C-Spot Rating 8.6/10

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