Hoja Verde 80% Dark Chocolate

Hoja Verde 80% Dark Chocolate

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Moving down a from the 100% and into the low 70's we have this chocolate that has a dry, pine-wood aroma which just shouts 'Ecuador'. It bundles you up in an intoxicating, astringent scent that is a complete disjoint from the flavour - at least initially. 

The first hint is of bubble-gum which then pushes back into cream and then astringency, under-ripe banana and then back round again. 

This is a curious little beast. 

Additional Information

Maker: Hoja Verde
Ingredients Cocoa Mass, Sguar - both ingredients are organically produced
Cocoa 80% minimum
Origin Lowlands Ecuador
Produced In Quito, Ecuador
Weight 80g
Dietary May contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, milk and wheat. Kosher.
Fat Content per Bar 36g, saturated fat 22g
Bean Arriba
C-Spot Rating 8.6/10

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