Idilio Origins Chuao 72% Venezuela

Idilio Origins Chuao 72% Venezuela

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The one thing that stands out as typically Swiss when it comes to chocolate is a rich, creamy flavour profile which is combined with a soft texture - and this chocolate is no different. Despite using premium Venezuelan cacao from the much celebrated village of Chuao, this chocolate is an archetypal Swiss product. 

There are most certainly notes of raisin that dominate proceedings and perhaps some ginger at spice at the edges reminiscent of continental Christmas biscuits. There is almost an entire lack of acidity too. It's almost a 'milk' bar - but obviously without the milk.

Although this chocolate isn't the least expensive we stock, it would serve either as a good introductory bar or another one to experience what makers can do with Chuao beans, or simply a way to explore how the Swiss interpret this fine flavour bean. 

Additional Information

Weight 80g
Made in Switzerland
Ingredients Swiss chocolate from cacao mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, without lecithin,
Origin Chuao, Venezuela
Cocoa 72% minimum
Best Before 07/09/2014