Idilio Origins Ocumare 72% Venezuela

Idilio Origins Ocumare 72% Venezuela

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This chocolate bucks the Swiss trend and is certainly a different beast to the Idilio Chuao as it has a fair amount more acidity, not heaps, but still enough to push it into a different category of bar. Both chocolates were conched for 48 hours and it is this process that typically takes much of the acidity out. It is also worth noting that the the valley that contains the village of Chuao is only a stone's throw from the Ocumare valley where the cacao for this chocolate came from. 

There are still notes of raisin as with the Chuao, but after the initial hit of acidity it mellows greatly and turns into more of a clotted cream icecream. 

Floral notes may also be present for you, but certainly nothing on the heavy side. 

Altogether this is an immensely enjoyable chocolate that you shouldn't have too much trouble consuming half of it before you even notice it has gone.

Additional Information

Weight 80g
Made in Switzerland
Ingredients Swiss chocolate from cacao mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, without lecithin,
Origin Ocumare de la Costa, Venezuela
Cocoa 72% minimum
Best Before 07/09/2014