Introduction to Totally Dark Chocolate Bar Selection Box

Introduction to Totally Dark Chocolate Bar Selection Box

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If you need to restrict your sugar intake it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on chocolate. Here we have a selection of different 100% chocolate bars with a variety of styles, textures and intensities. From the wonderfully creamy Bonnat to the powerful Menakao and unusual Bonajuto, there is just so much to explore and enjoy here, even if you're a diabetic.

Included are no-added sugar chocolate bars made in France, Madagascar, Ecuador, Italy and Germany and offers an interesting opportunity to explore what the world has to offer if you are looking for chocolate for diabetics.

Each chocolate has been carefully selected by our resident chocolate expert: Lee who is a member of the Academy of Chocolate (for which he is an awards judge), a member of the Guild of Fine Chocolate and a judge for the International Chocolate Awards, so you can be assured of the unique qualities of the chocolates contained in this top-quality black chocolate box (which measures 215 x 310 x 50mm) and is finished with a golden ribbon.

The box and contents separately would amount to £27.50 but for a limited time we are offering this fantastic gift for just £22.95. NB: These selection boxes are now a more elegant navy blue.

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