Jordi's 100% Blended Dark Chocolate

Jordi's 100% Blended Dark Chocolate

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The aroma is soft and gentle. It soothes into a nutty sense of security whilst the flavour is powerful, akin to the Finca 100% in terms of its unrelenting sharpness. But with that the heavy roast offers a balance of flavours, from the mellowness of the preamble, through a mature creaminess and then into a fairly intense tartness. You'll feel your mouth caving in like a container with a vacuum inside. But then that too diminishes like a distant star exploding and then imploding (I'm not scientist as you can tell). 

We particularly like this one for the journey it takes you on.

Additional Information

Maker: Jodi's
Weight 45g
Made in Czech Republic
Ingredients Cacao Beans. May contain traces of nuts and milk.
Origin Blend
Cocoa 100% minimum

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