Jordi's 100% Ecuador Dark Chocolate

Jordi's 100% Ecuador Dark Chocolate

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This is a chocolate that seems to be a 'Mulder and Scully': you think you get it and then you realise that you don't. There is just so much going on here from Ubongo Ijuce drink to powerful acidity to nuts, to ... well anything you can think of, including the kitchen sink. It is just a Jazz band on acid. 

Not is it pure cocoa mass, but it seems to have a low conch time as well. 

If you liked the Finca 100% you will like this one - it's just a bit more surreal!

Additional Information

Maker: Jodi's
Weight 45g
Made in Czech Republic
Ingredients Cacao Mass - may contain traces of nuts.
Origin Ecuador
Cocoa 100% minimum
Best Before 27/05/2015

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