Jordi's 63% Spiced Ginger

Jordi's 63% Spiced Ginger

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If crystallised ginger is your thing then you just have try this chocolate. Both the milk chocolate and the ginger are kept in balance so that neither steps out of the beautifully orchestrated show. They seem to move around each other like a scene from Swan Lake. The ginger is well-packed and the milk chocolate elegant and precise. This is fantastic chocolate.

One aspect we love is that the ginger isn't simply mixed in with a blend but layered lovingly and set into the chocolate. Some bites will be more 'spicy' than others, but I doubt a bite could occur without capturing some of that heady and flavourful ginger.

Additional Information

Weight 45g
Made in Czech Republic
Ingredients Cacao Beans, Cane Sugar, ginger (15%). May contain traces of nuts and milk.
Origin Blend
Cocoa 63% minimum
Best Before 11/02/2016

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