Jordi's 90% Dark Chocolate

Jordi's 90% Dark Chocolate

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This has the aroma of a milk chocolate and a flavour that starts off as mellow but then takes through a hazelnut forest and onto an incredibly tart finish. The nutty edge may come from a higher roast than is typical whist the creaminess that you initially witness is likely to be have produced by a long grind - which also gives it a beautiful texture. Where the chocolate ends up at may not appeal to some, but to others that direct, almost 'harsh' characteristic will undoubtedly appeal to 100% chocolate lovers.

Additional Information

Maker: Jodi's
Weight 45g
Made in Czech Republic
Ingredients Cacao Beans, Cane Sugar. May contain traces of nuts and milk.
Origin Blend
Cocoa 90% minimum
Best Before 16/02/2016

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