Jordi's Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans

Jordi's Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans

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We offer a wide variety of roasted and unroasted cocoa beans but rarely do we find cocoa beans that have been offered in a format that will make them more appealing to 'normal' chocolate lovers. Cocoa beans by themselves may be packed full of antioxidants and various other lovely compounds but they can be fairly dry to consume in the traditional format. However, when coated with dark chocolate become a totally different beast.

I consume beans and nibs as a natural 'pick me up' - they work for me and do give me a boost around the 15:30 when my brain starts to fail. Hopefully they could do the same for you and get you through the rest of the day

Additional Information

Weight 150g
Made in Czech Republic
Ingredients Cocoa Beans
Origin Unknown
Cocoa 63% in the coating
Best Before 01/12/2015

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