Jordi's Darjeeling White Chocolate

Jordi's Darjeeling White Chocolate

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With the appearance of the Valrhona caramelised white chocolate that became all the rage recently this version of a white chocolate is quite possibly even more enjoyable that its French alternative. With this Latvian version it combines a decent hit of the Darjeeling tea that serves to just add sufficient flavour to lift the cocoa butter out of its usual mellow resting place and into a day dream scenario. 

The higher cocoa solids bars from Jordi's are very intense affairs and this alternative is a thick, warm duvet of a chocolate that is just fantastic.

Additional Information

Maker: Jodi's
Weight 45g
Made in Czech Republic
Ingredients Cocoa Butter, milk powder, cane sugar, green tea (10%). May contain traces of nuts. 
Origin Blend
Cocoa 40% minimum

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