Kiskadee Dominican Republic Dark & Bold 85%

Kiskadee Dominican Republic Dark & Bold 85%

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This is the broodier brother of the 70% Domincan from Kiskadee and the usual suspects of leather comes through on the nose, but, although much more intense, doesn't push itself onto the palette. The tastings notes are spot on when it mentions citrus fruits and tamarind as a light Kiwi fruit flavour is evident throughout the melt and followed by the sourness of the spice. You may also get a touch of balsamic vinegar.

The beauty of this chocolate is that although the flavours are fairly intense it is balanced with a delicious creaminess that takes the edges off and makes it a wonderful 'higher cocoa' chocolate.

Additional Information

Maker Kiskadee
Weight 71g
Lot Number 0065
Ingredients Organic Dominican Republic cacao, organic pure cane sugar
Origin Cooperativa Red Guaconejo in Los Pajones, María Trinidad Sánchez Province, Dominican Republic
Cocoa 85% minimum
Best Before 31/12/2016

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