Kiskadee Dominican Republic Dark & Creamy 70%

Kiskadee Dominican Republic Dark & Creamy 70%

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The Cooperativa Red Guaconejo has been a source of cacao for some wonderful chocolate makers including Fruition, Dick Taylor as well as the well-established Mast Brothers and smaller makers such as Middlebury and Woodblock - with the results being generally very positive. 

This chocolate, however, is atypical of the brutish experience that you often get, but is more akin to a lively, red-fruity profile you would expect from a Madagascan origin chocolate. There is also a welcome tartness and an 'orange' vinaigrette profile with roasted walnut too. At the very end of the melt you may also get spearmint.

Additional Information

Maker Kiskadee
Weight 71g
Lot Number 0065
Ingredients Organic Dominican Republic cacao, organic pure cane sugar
Origin Cooperativa Red Guaconejo in Los Pajones, María Trinidad Sánchez Province, Dominican Republic
Cocoa 70% minimum
Best Before 31/12/2016