Kiskadee Dominican Republic Fruity and Nutty 62%

Kiskadee Dominican Republic Fruity and Nutty 62%

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And now for something slightly different and you will know that as soon as you hold this chocolate in your hand. The packaging is uneven - something is rising out of the form. When you read the list of ingredients you will find that there are huge slices of dried cherries protruding from the bar itself. Along with the intense, rich sweetness offered by the fruit you also have the salted and roasted pistachios which combine so exquisitely.

The traditional Fruit and Nut has nothing on this block of gorgeousness. 

Additional Information

Maker Kiskadee
Weight 71g
Lot Number 0065
Ingredients Organic Dominican Republic cacao, organic pure cane sugar, dried tart cherries, and roasted pistachios
Origin Cooperativa Red Guaconejo in Los Pajones, María Trinidad Sánchez Province, Dominican Republic
Cocoa 62% minimum
Best Before 31/12/2016