Kiskadee Puerto Rico 70% Dark and Creamy

Kiskadee Puerto Rico 70% Dark and Creamy

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When you can name the farmers that have grown the cacao in the chocolate you make then you know this is the sort of chocolate that you just have to try. Juan and Maria Echevarria have a two and a half acre 'farm' in Aguada, Puerto Rico. We do not have any conclusive proof that this chocolate is made of Criollo beans (or high Criollo DNA) but we do know that Puerto Rico does have a very high proportion of Criollo plant stock that originated from Venezuela - so we can be fairly confident. 

The aroma is certainly of Venezuelan general characteristic and the flavour flashes about a bit from the fruity, orange-like flavours I expect from around Maracaibo to more of a nuttier profile that you may get further east towards Puerto Cabello and beyond - perhaps even on towards Ocumare.

This chocolate is a direct contrast to the sharpness of Laura's Dominican chocolates to this Puerto Rican offering. I am confident that there is a high amount of Criollo in this chocolate and produces some wonderful flavours that may even still trick experts into thinking this was a Venezuelan.  

Additional Information

Maker Kiskadee
Weight 71g
Lot Number 0065
Ingredients Puerto Rican cacao, pure cane sugar.
Origin Aguada, Puerto Rico
Cocoa 65% minimum
Best Before 31/12/2016