Kuná 100% Rio Verde (Esmeraldas)

Kuná 100% Rio Verde (Esmeraldas)

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Esmeraldas is certainly one of the most desirable cultivars of cacao in Ecuador and can be found in the 'Green Provence' to the north of the country, but appears to be  and is the sole ingredient in this chocolate. We've had great feedback from the Hoja Verde chocolate that uses the same bean so we decided to explore what other 100%s are available and eventually found this unusual one.

This bean is renowned for its spicy, creamy flavour notes but this is more evident in lower cocoa chocolate than 100%, here those flavours are so refined and focused that they come across as a radically different chocolate. You will get a Pina Colada not at first which subsides into a very 'green', unsophisticated rawness. 

If we were to place it in terms of intensity then it would be leaning towards the middle of the spectrum, but more so on the bitter side.

Additional Information

Best Before: 01/04/2016
Ingredients Cocoa,cocoa butter. May contain traces of milk and nuts.
Cocoa 100%
Produced In Ecuador
Weight 30g

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