Kuná 71% Napo

Kuná 71% Napo

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This Kuná changes tack from the Esmereldas bean and works with the often used Nacional, but is directly traded and sourced from the Kichwa associación Wiñak Archidona in the UNESCO Sumaco reserve in the Napo province of northern Ecuador. 

This a much softer chocolate than the other two we stock from Kuná and it is a chocolate that takes you in so many directions as the melt progresses. Of course you get the spice and floral, but it's also has fragrant pipe tobacco and cherry. We absolutely love this one.

Additional Information

Best Before: 01/04/2016
Ingredients Cocoa, unrefined cane sugar, cocoa butter. May contain traces of milk and nuts.
Cocoa 71%
Origin Ecuador
Bean Arriba
Produced In Ecuador
Weight 30g

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