Kuná 82% Ecuadorian

Kuná 82% Ecuadorian

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If the thought of the 100% version of this chocolate was a touch too much then this 85% should suit your palette as that small amount of sugar lifts the natural beauty of the fantastic Esmereldas cacao to a wonderful level. 

We should expect spice and cream, but what is interesting is that there is a natural vanilla element that may confound some. You'll still get the 'floral' aspect that the origin has become known for. 

All in all this is a very interesting chocolate from a unique grower.

Additional Information

Best Before: 01/04/2016
Ingredients Cocoa, unrefined cane sugar, cocoa butter. May contain traces of milk and nuts.
Cocoa 85%
Origin Ecuador
Bean Esmereldas
Produced In Ecuador
Weight 30g

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