La Naya Honey & Bread Crumbs Milk Chocolate

La Naya Honey & Bread Crumbs Milk Chocolate

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Recently I tried their Porcelana chocolate that was utterly fantastic due to its mellow characteristics, but this one almost reaches those heights due to those vibrant flavour notes that I don't recall having witnessed with such clarity and precision before. It's like diving head-first into a bowl of diced oranges and then covered in hazelnut paste. The texture is beautiful too, but you really won't notice that anywhere near as much as the citrus that just holds back from being excessive.

The one thing I love about this chocolate is that it’s so distinctive. A lot of chocolate, even of the excellent flavour 'variety' is 'much of a muchness', safe and uninspiring (I hate to admit it), but if I waste tasting forty or so in awards judging session then I know this would stand out. Some may find it a touch too distinctive, but it is vital that chocolate is made that offers something different from the continue flow of mellow Venezuelan origin chocolate.

Additional Information

Weight 100gr
Ingredients Cacao 75%, cane sugar, cocoa butter
Origin Guasare, Venezuela
Cocoa 72% minimum