Zotter Labooko 100% Peruvian

Zotter Labooko 100% Peru

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Often many chocolate lovers are intrigued by 100% dark chocolate and then ultimately turned off when they taste it. However, the beans used to source this chocolate from Peru actually have an inherently mild flavour they seem to contain less acidity than is normally the case. This lends itself to a low level intensity, and as such only requires a very short conch time. The shelf-life of this bar is 14 months from the date of production. Furthermore the chocolate is both organic and Fairtrade and comes in two 35g bars. 

Additional Information

Cocoa Solids 100% Minimum
Fairtrade Content: 100%
Ingredients Cocoa mass* Fairtrade content: 100% Cocoa: 100% minimum *FAIRTRADE certified from controlled organic cultivation May contain traces of all types of nuts, milk, sugar, sesame and soy.
Weight 2x35g

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