Zotter Labooko 90% Bolivia

Zotter Labooko 90% Bolivia

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For those of you who love bitter chocolate but aren't prepared to try 100% chocolate or even the luscious 96% High End, we have a splendid 90% bar from Zotter. The cocoa used here originates from the renowned El Ceibo Co-operative which is located deep in the Amazonian basin where a great number of small-holder cocoa growers, on plots of between three to four hectares, produce some delightful cocoa beans. Although there's still much debate, we suggest that this is the location of some of the first cocoas ever harvested. 

There are only three ingredients used in this Bolivian 90%: cocoa beans, cane sugar and a touch of salt. The cocoa beans and sugar are certified organic and from Fairtrade sources while the salt, isn't. 

Regarding flavour profile, it’s all-consuming. You have very rich, but yet soft, experience that offers nuts and spices. The Criollo beans are certainly not over-processed. The natural, elegance of the bean is certainly allowed to shine through.

There isn't a huge amount of cocoa produced by this co-operative, so Zotter were very lucky to get hold of some to produce this bar.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Fairtrade Content 99%
Ingredients Cocoa mass*°, raw cane sugar*°, iodized salt.
*FAIRTRADE certified 
°from controlled organic cultivation
Origin Bolivia - El Ceibo Co-operative
Cocoa 90 % minimum in the chocolate coating