Large Luxury Gift Box

Large Luxury Gift Box

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If you are giving chocolate for a loved one and would like to have it ready to present then we have sourced these absolutely fantastic gift boxes. They can easily hold around ten, or even more bars of chocolate and make them look fantastic. Even three or four look very nice indeed.

We fill the remaining box with white crinkle cut shredded paper to keep the chocolate nice and secure and present it beautifully. 

Simply add this box to your shopping cart and we'll place all of the chocolate in the box - unless specified in the gift message box. You can also add a gift message to go with the box. As we write them by hand we'll be able to differentiate between your instructions and the lovely message you'll request.

NB: the image of the gift box with chocolate in is for illustration purposes only. Obviously you're just selecting the box for us to put the chocolate in you have purchased at the same time.

Additional Information

Thickness The cardboard is 1550 gsm rigid board covered in a 12gsm matt finish
Decorated by White taffeta ribbon
Size 27cm wide by 21cm deep and 10.5cm deep
Colours Black cardboard outside, white inside with a white ribbon.