Zotter Lightly Salted Cocoa Nibs

Zotter Lightly Salted Cocoa Nibs

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Many people have claimed that cocoa nibs are not only full of anti-oxidants but also can give you a boost too if you're flagging. Personally I do get a buzz from nibbling on them. But even if you don't nibble on them for their potential health benefits, but they're also incredibly tasty too. They're nice to sit in the garden and munch on with some red wine or to sprinkle on ice cream. 

These cocoa nibs come lightly caramelised and slightly salted. You can also use them to cook with to add another dimension to both fish and red meat. And if you're interested the cocoa nibs used to make these cocoa nibs come from the El Naranjillo co-operative in Peru.

Additional Information

Best Before 16/07/2015
Weight 100g