Luisa Abram 81% Brazil

Luisa Abram 81% Brazil

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Abram only makes chocolate with cocoa grown in the Amazonian Rainforest which is a great selling-point, but perhaps a touch limiting given such the wonderful chocolate she produces - if a touch unique.

As this chocolate dropped onto my desk as I pushed open the packaging it sounded metallic. Perhaps its the fact that it's a touch cold in here today, or that within that 81% there's not a great deal of cocoa - or a combination of both. On tasting the chocolate it comes across as significantly more on the intense side of 81% that you may expect. 

There's just so much going on. In one instance it comes across massively of some random mix of spirits to form a cocktail. Other times its a touch astringent, it then follows a floral path and then onto summer fruits. It's just like my three year old blasting a random series of questions at me. And then throws Bombay Mix in my direction for good measure! Yes, there's even flavours of those large bits of whatever they are that you find in the Indian snack. 

This random collection of flavours doesn't mean I don't like it. Conversely I just love the fact that no bite is same to the last. Just don't try if if you wanted a mindless sweet snack. It's too 'craft' for that.

Additional Information

Weight 40g
Ethics Unknown
Ingredients Cocoa
Origin Brazil
Cocoa 81%
Manufacturer's Notes N/a

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