Madecasse 63% with Sea Salt & Nibs

Madecasse 63% with Sea Salt & Nibs

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Seemingly identical to the Menakao 63% Cocoa Nibs and Salt (those who are 'up' on these things will note the symbiotic relationship of Medacasse and Menakao), lovers of sea salt with chocolate should appreciate the affect achieved here. The salt is direct and suits the fruity nature of the 63% dark chocolate. The nibs rebalance the experience away from the purely pointed and give it some earthen base.and random crunchy texture which bursts orange blossom on occasions.

You should sense your mouth filling up with sweet juices instigated by the powerhouse of flavour that is this chocolate. It is doubtful that you will consume anywhere half a bar in any one 'sitting' and to consider it disappearing in one evening is unthinkable. There is just far too much flavour here for this to happen.

Additional Information

Weight 75g
Batch No. BAT315PO#086
Dietary May contain traces of nuts, soya and dairy.
Ingredients Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin), sea salt (<1%), 
Origin Sambirano Valley
Cocoa Strain Blend
Cocoa 63% minimum
Maker's Tasting Notes Fruity notes with a savoury crunch
Ethics  "Four times the impact of fair trade cocoa"

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