Madre 70% Amaranth Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate

Madre 70% Amaranth Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate

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This amaranth chocolate from Madre is clearly targeted at chocolate-lovers who are aware and conscious of health foods. The tasting notes state that amaranth contains all eight essential amino acids.

In terms of aroma it offered an elevated rich-crispies sensation combined with sesame seeds. The chocolate itself has a very creamy, rich flavour which contrasted with the crunchy texture. 

This chocolate is another from the long line of very interesting bars from Madre.

Additional Information

Weight 43g
Cocoa 70%
Ingredients Organic fair trade cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic amaranth, Mexican whole vanilla.
Origin Dominican Republic, Conacado Cooperative.
Dietary Made in a facility that also processes nuts & milk.
Bean Strain Hybrid
Best Before 18/04/2014
Manufacturer's Notes The minuscule grain packs in huge quantities of all 8 essential amino acids. No wonder it was a staple food for the Aztecs! The hand-popped seeds are blended into a rich dark chocolate made with cacao from an organic co-op in the Dominican Republic. Take a bite and experience amaranth's irresistible crunch, pop, and nuttiness.

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