Madre 70% Chipotle Allspice

Madre 70% Chipotle Allspice

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Dominican Republic chocolate can often offer incredibly bold flavours, including prunes and raisins, but also exhibit tantalising flashes of spice such as cloves and cinnamon. But here the flavourmiesters at Madre have forced more flavour into a chocolate than one could think possible.

Here we have a 70% chocolate adulterated by smoke-dried jalapeno pepper, and in this case its simply wonderful. As you would expect, it gives a very warming experience with the chilli, but unlike so much other chilli chocolate, this is incredibly natural-tasting. There's nothing false, polished or overtly manufactured about Madre chocolate. Instead, Madre try to connect modern day manufacturing processes with historic flavours and origins. 

If you do enjoy chilli chocolate, more are keen to try a more natural, organic approach then we're sure you'll love this one.

Additional Information

Weight 43g
Cocoa 70%
Ingredients Organic fair trade cacao beans, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic chilli powder, Mexican whole vanilla, organic allspice, organic bergamo oil.
Origin Hana Gold Farm, Maui, Hawai'i
Dietary Made in a facility that also processes nuts & milk.
Bean Strain Hybrid
Best Before 08/04/2014
Manufacturer's Notes smoky, intense, chipolte chillis blended with xocoxochitl in a rich Dominican Republic chocolate provide just the right balance of delectable spiciness, just as the Aztecs liked it.