Madre 70% Dominican Republic

Madre 70% Dominican Republic

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For those of you would love to try what Madre have to offer but are less inclined to try their flavoured chocolate such as chipolte, hibiscus, passion fruit, we have hear a plain chocolate made with fair trade Dominican Republic 70% chocolate which has been made in Hawaii. 

When the label denotes this chocolate as fair trade, it should be noted that to display the traditional "Fair Trade" logo would cost Madre many £10k's every year across their entire Dominican range. What is certified is the Conacado Cocoa Co-operative where the cocoa is grown. 

In terms of aroma  you should certainly get cherry in abundance with a smoky edge. The flavour carries this cherry tone but combines it with a woody acidity and fresh citrus fruit. It may not offer flavours that are rambling as some, but still, it is a very good example of chocolate from the origin.

Additional Information

Weight 43g
Cocoa 70%
Ingredients Organic fair trade cacao beans, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, Hawaiian whole vanilla.
Origin Dominican Republic, Conacado Cooperative.
Dietary Made in a facility that also processes nuts & milk.
Bean Strain Hybrid
Best Before 02/04/2014
Tasting Notes Rich, creamy, healthy dark chocolate, hand made in Hawai'i from ethically sourced ingredients.