Madre 70% Hawaiian Earl Grey Tea Dark Chocolate

Madre 70% Hawaiian Earl Grey Tea Dark Chocolate

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Of course 'Earl Grey' tea is derived from the addition of the rind of the bergamot orange and, although I didn't see that in the list of ingredients, it’s certainly there. I can also inform you that the tea used in this chocolate was also grown on Big Island, Hawai’i, from both Mauna Kea Tea and Omonea Tea plantations, and produces a very interesting chocolate - one that offers delightful caramel notes pinned down by conventional, acidic top notes. This tea tone is perfectly balanced against the lightly roasted Hawaiian cacao from Hamakua.

This is a limited edition, small batch, and although no other company in the UK retails Madre chocolate, this Earl Grey chocolate probably won't be for sale again when this batch has been dispatched.


Additional Information

Weight 43g
Cocoa 70%
Ingredients Organic fair trade cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, Hawaiian Mauna Kea tea leaves, Hawaiian whole vanilla.
Origin Hawai'i, Alaei Estate, Hamakua
Dietary Made in a facility that also processes nuts & milk.
Bean Strain Hybrid
Best Before 18/04/2014
Manufacturer's Notes Delicate green tea leaves from Big Island, Hawai'i are lightly cured and complimented with aromatic bergamot in a velvety dark chocolate we grind from Hamakua coast cacao.