Marou Bà Rịa 76% Grab Bag

Marou Bà Rịa 76% Grab Bag

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This is the 'grab bag' version of the Marou 76% bar. The reason we created this version is that we knew this chocolate has its fans but we also know that customers like good value. So instead of it costing £5.35 for 80g you get three times as much for less than double the price - you're essentially saving 44% per gram.

The flavours are unique and more powerful than you may expect even at the 76% level as it offers a decent dose of acidity in apple form - with notes of hazelnut and tobacco.

Inside the clear bag you'll find thick chunks of the Marou chocolate. They're so thick that they should satisfy any dark chocolate craving.

Additional Information

Best Before 11/09/2015
Produced In Vietnam
Cocoa 76% minimum
Weight 240g
Ingredients Cocoa,cocoa butter,24% cane sugar

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