Marou Bến Tre 78%

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The cocoa beans used to make this bar are grown in the Ben Tre province of the Mekong Delta along side coconut trees and come together with just 22% cane sugar to create a fairly powerful, acidic dark chocolate bar that has a strong tone of cider vinegar. It would be fanciful to state that the nearby coconut trees have imparted some of their nutty flavours, but there is detectable sweetness that can be associated with coconut. What does come through though, is a almond flavour that follows through every stage of the melt until it blends into a curious kiwi fruit finish. Of course, as with every Marou bar, the finish and texture is out of this world and the packaging as beautiful as I've seen any chocolate bar be dressed in. This is certainly a personal favourite.

Additional Information

Weight 80g
Batch-number 442
Produced-in Vietnam
Cocoa 78%
Dietary Soy,Gluten and Dairy free. May contain traces of nuts.
Ingredients Cocao,cocoa butter,and 22% cane sugar
Awards Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award 2013
Alternative Supplier Cocoa Runners

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