Marou Dak Lak 70%

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The difference between this 'new for 2015' from Marou and their 85% is striking. Not only is the prominence of the sugar significantly greater (it comes across slightly as Muscavado) but also the sharpness of the flavours. With this notes of root beer jumped right out at me. But then it was muted rhubarb and even licorice. The interesting aspect is that the sweetness shoots out in sort of popping candy fashion - along with cinnamon notes. Subsequent revisits paint this as a mulled-wine affair at first and then onto the root beer and spices.

In the hand it melts quickly. I suspect there is higher level of cocoa butter here than perhaps their other 70%, or it might just be the environment I'm reviewing the chocolate in. 

Please note, we only have a very small quantity of these until new stock arrives sometime after 24th September.

Additional Information

Weight 80g
Origin Vietnam, Dak Lak District
Beans Trinitario
Cocoa 805
Ingredients Cocoa & Cocoa Butter,Cane Sugar (15%)
Produced In Vietnam
Tasting Notes "A wonderfully complex bar with a long spicy finish, made with a selection cacao from the highland districts of Dak Lak province."
Alternative Supplier Cocoa Runners

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