Marou Đồng Nai 72%

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The first thing you'll notice as you put this into your mouth is the smooth aroma, texture and flavours. Quickly, however, those mellow flavours start to mature into a fantastic bar. Still it's not one of Marou's most robust, but it quite possibly is one of their finest. Predominately this bar has a flavour profile that is a mix of cream and subtle spices, just with an omnipresent fruity acidity lurking behind. At the very edge you should be able to find a citrus fruit and clove backdrop which adds another layer of intrigue.

Additional Information

Ingredients Cocoa,cocoa butter,28% cane sugar
Cocoa 72%
Dietary Soy,Gluten and Dairy free. May contain traces of nuts
Batch-no 1019
Weight 80g
Produced-in Vietnam
Alternative Supplier Cocoa Runners

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