Marou Heart of Darkness 85%

Marou Heart of Darkness 85%

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One of two new chocolates from Marou in 2015 this maintains if not exceeds the high standards Samuel and Vincent have set. 

Amazingly this 'Heart of Darkness' reminds me of the heavily roasted Pralus Chuao that I fell in love with when I first started in the world of fine chocolate. It also has notes of plum, but it's the other flavours of almond, cherry and even a slight touch of pomegranate. 

The aroma is markedly different. It certainly smacks of floral old pipe tobacco and aged leather. When you do hold it against your nose make sure you have removed it from the outer wrapper as this has a very prominent aroma of a primary school paper craft box. 

The texture is to Marou's high standard of lusciousness. It oozes smoothness and sophistication. It is an immense pleasure on the tongue and leads you from one bit to the next.

Many may be concerned that the cocoa level is 85%, but from experience, this is far from a typical '85%' (if one exists). 

Please note, we only have a very small quantity of these until new stock arrives sometime after 24th September.

Additional Information

Weight 80g
Origin Vietnam, Tan Phu Dong District
Beans Trinitario
Cocoa 85%
Ingredients Cocoa & Cocoa Butter,Cane Sugar (15%)
Produced In Vietnam
Tasting Notes "Made from beans grown in the enchanting island of Tan Phu Dong in the Mekong Delta, 'Heart of Darkness' is food for both heart and mind, lush with aromas of coconut and honey, and as long in the mouth as a great wine. Not only the winner of a Gold Medal at the International Chocolate Awards, certainly the best chocolate east of Suez."
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