Marou Treasure Island

Marou Treasure Island

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This is the hotly awaited new chocolate bar from Marou - the guys based in Vietnam and using locally-sourced cocoa - mainly from the Mekong Delta. 

Few chocolates have as a defined aroma as this one from the small island of Tan Phu Dong. It just hits you with tobacco notes that are clear and precise. It’s heavenly. 

The flavour is reminiscent of the heavy roast  Pralus Chuao , but with more subtle flavours of hazelnut, heather adorned Dartmoor and liquorice. The notes intermingle and  jostle  for attention. They're also set against a fantastic snap, texture and melt. This is a very well-crafted bar of chocolate from an unusual source. 

We have 20% of the UK supply; the other 80% is/has been sold at Salon du Chocolat in London.

We have agreed with our suppliers that this chocolate will go on sale as Salon du Chocolat empties, the lights go off and the door closed. Until then, you should buy at the event direct from the makers.

Additional Information

Produced In Vietnam
Origin Vietnam
Cocoa Source Tan Phu Dong Island - Various farms
Cocoa 75%
Ingredients Cocoa,cocoa butter, 25% cane sugar

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