Mason & Co Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate

Mason & Co Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate

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We acquired a very small batch of this sea salted chocolate that was made in India from Indian beans purely to see what it was like and if any of our customers thought positive of it. Much of the cocoa grown on the southern tip of the sub-continent is of bulk quality destined for mass-market producers and while there is some good quality cacao in the region most of it is poorly processed and scattered among the lesser quality crop. So it is interesting to see what Mason and Co can do with the beans they have available to them.

Although technically India has been making chocolate for generations there has been very little demand either domestically or internationally for fine flavour Indian-made chocolate and this shows in the current supply of chocolate. There's nothing inherently 'wrong' with this chocolate, it's just not up to the high standards we've set, and certainly not as refined as Zotter's bar from the same origin. 

There is a strong undercurrent of papaya and a noticeable effect of an untypical fermentation process. The sea salt is present in flashes and does work well when you get a good, strong hit of the salinity. 

Indian cacao does have a long way to go when it comes to those in the 'fine flavour' market. The problem is, unless we demand chocolate from the origin and give them feedback we'll never have the supply or the improvements we need. As supply from Venezuela and other parts of the world becomes more unstable for either economic, political or disease reasons it is essential that India can provide good-quality and well-made chocolate. I hope we can all start that process rolling here.

Additional Information

Cocoa 70% minimum
Ingredients Organic, whole cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, sea salt.
Batch Bumber 0178
Best Before 24/06/2016
Weight 70g

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