Medium Gift Envelope for Christmas

Medium Gift Envelope for Christmas

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If you're buying anywhere up to six chocolate bars for a loved-one and you would like it gift-wrapped we have these wonderful sturdy laminated 'golden' envelopes with which we can lovingly present their chocolate. Not only do you get it bound by a chocolate brown ribbon and a 'golden' bow but it will also be presented by white crinkle-cut paper.

We do have a limited number much larger red envelopes on stand-by if you decide to purchase too many bars, however. Items such as the boxes of truffles may not fit well, but chocolate bars but the awesome Domori Napolitains will.

When you order we will attempt to place all of the chocolate in the envelope, unless you instruct us otherwise. Also with each order you can ask us to write a gift message to go with the chocolate - free of charge. You can find this option during the booking process.

For the added touch you could always upgrade to the luxury gift box.

Additional Information

Thickness The 128gsm paper (that's pretty thick)
Decorated by 'Chocolate' ribbon and 'golden' bow
Size 24cm wide by 20cm deep.
Colours 'Golden' envelope with 'chocolate brown' ribbon and a 'golden' bow.