Menakao 100% 2.5kg Couverture Drops

Menakao 100% 2.5kg Couverture Drops

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For the customers that just adore 100% dark chocolate, and especially the Menakao 75g bars, we have a more economical way to get your fix with these. Although they're not actually designed to be consumed individually as they're a touch rough-and-ready, there is absolutely nothing stopping you having a big bag of these stored in a couple and using as a quick, no-added sugar, chocolate fix. 

Contained in the big bag are around 500 chocolate pieces equivalent to 33 bars of 75g bars of their 100% chocolate and an effective saving of 65% on the bar price. 

We just love the sharpness and intensity of the Menakao 100% as it really hits your taste buds and delivers its incredibly acidic flavour. If you are a true 100% chocolate fiend then this has to be the ultimate self-present.

Update: This new 2015 batch of 100% has a slightly less intense profile than the 2014 version, but it does come across as much smoother and richer. Furthermore, the chocolate is now produced in a new disc form and not the rectangular as was previously the case.

Additional Information

Added Sugar 0g
Form Discs
Weight 2.5kg

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