Menakao 100% Cocoa

Menakao 100% Cocoa

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The Menakao 100% dark chocolate bar is another one that diabetics might like to take a close look at given that the chocolate only has cocoa solids and cocoa butter and no added sugar at all. You should note, however, that this is an incredibly powerful, intense and bitter dark chocolate. That's not to mean though that it is all acidity and no flavour, quite the opposite to be honest. There are some very interesting and typically Madagascan fruity notes. Despite Menakao suggesting that this 75g contains two servings, I'd suggest that it's far more than that given the intensity of the chocolate. This bar is enjoyed at its best in very small quantities that are just left to melt in your mouth. Chewing should be left to the very end of the melt to get an extra, espresso-like, blast of acidity. I found it very astringent with a very crisp snap. There were some air bubbles in the bar but this is to be expected from chocolate that is made on site in Madagascar from a fairly new team. In terms of tones, in addition to the fruity, I found it to be slightly smokey with a BBQ edge.

We now have the huge 2.5kg bag of this chocolate in chip form.

Additional Information

Batch-number 213
Added Sugar 0g
Calories 220 per half bar
Weight 75g

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