Casa Luker 100% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Casa Luker 100% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

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We've had some very positive feedback from the Casa Luker 100% so this year we've changed the recipe for the 100% Easter eggs and moved over from Madagascar to Columbia for the origin of the cooca beans although the wonderful Toots Sweets in Shrewsbury have continued to craft these Easter treats for you. We have them with a variety of coloured bows including blue and pink - whilst stocks last if you absolutely need one of these coloured bows let us know in the comments box during the booking process and we'll try and arrange that for you.

Each egg weighs 30g net and measures approximately 7cm tall and 5cm across. 

Additional Information

Couverture Casa Luker 100%
Added Sugar 0g
Dietary May contain traces of nuts, dairy, and sugars.
Weight 30g
Best Before End March 2016

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