Menakao 80% Dark Chocolate - 75g

Menakao 80% Dark Chocolate - 75g

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This 80% bar is the most intense of the Menakao range that includes sugar as an ingredient (14g per whole bar). If you wanted to try some more robust and powerful chocolate but don't feel ready yet for the 100% bar this could be a good way to gently move through the rainbow of chocolate intensities. As you would expect from Madagascan chocolate of this level of Trinitario cocoa solids, there is a definite and clear acidity that just cannot be missed and one you probably won't forget in a hurry either. This is one bar that any fine chocolate lover given that it's made by a small team and is essentially a tree to bean bar as the manufacturers also own the cacao farm.

Additional Information

Ingredients Madagascan cocoa beans,cane sugar,pure cocoa butter.
Batch Number 551-MEN
Weight 25g

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