Metiisto Bahia Brazil 70%

Metiisto Bahia Brazil 70%

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Akesson's won a gold from the Academy of Chocolate in 2011 from beans also sourced from the Fazenda Sempre Firme plantation located in Bahia province of Brazil. Since then that particular has been very popular and proves that you CAN make wonderful and interesting chocolate from Amelonado beans - including from the likes of AMMA (also in Brazil), Coppeneur, Pralus and Soma.

To compare this chocolate to likes of the neighbouring origin of Venezuela would be unfair, not least because there are several thousands of miles between the actual state of Bahia, but available genetics are so radically different. What we do have is a more 'rustic' profile, less defined, less sophisticated but perhaps less pretentious. With elegance you can find arrogance, but not so much here. This is a 'love me as I am' chocolate.

These beans are actually from Akesson's own plantation and we're confident that the post-harvest process is spot on and as such it makes for an interesting comparison between Trevor Smith's interpretation of the bean and that of Bertil Akesson. Trevor's chocolate comes across as more earthen, woodier and more in tune with those people that rebel against the perfection of Domori.

Additional Information

Weight 65g
Cocoa 70% minimum
Ingredients Cocoa Beans, sugar, organic cocoa butter
Origin Brazil - Fazenda Sempre Firme Plantation, Bahia.
Dietary Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten-free, sugar free and organic.
Bean Amelonado
Best Before 07/01/2016
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes Flavors of Earth, tobacco and gentle yellow fruit tones.

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