Minty Goat - Mitzi Blue

Minty Goat - Mitzi Blue

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Along with the Easter Sheep we have this Goat's milk version to get festive with. But Josef Zotter doesn't stop there. With this chocolate disc you not only have the distinctive flavour of goat's milk but also an interesting array of flora with apple mint, camomile, marigolds, cornflowers, lavender, thyme, sunflowers and rose petals. If a summer meadow doesn’t jump out at you then I don't know what will.

Of course this is an unusual chocolate bar, but if you do like your chocolate with an array of herbs and flowers in then I'm sure you'll find this an interesting experience.

Additional Information

Weight 65g
Fairtrade-content 89%
Ingredients Cocoa mass*°, raw cane sugar*°, goat milk powder°(10%), cocoa butter*°, apple mint° & camomile° & marigolds° & cornflowers° & lavender° & thyme° & sunflowers° & rose petals°, salt, mint oil°(0.01%)

*FAIRTRADE certified 
°from controlled organic cultivation
Origin Austria
Cocoa Butter 65% minimum
Best-before 07/04/2015