A. Morin Ecuador 70%

A. Morin Ecuador 70%

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Ecuador has become the Ivory Coast of fine flavour chocolate - not because there's anything poor about it, its just that the country has done such a great job making their cacao accessible in sufficient quantities to makers.

Just as with other origins in South and Central America there can be a wide variety of cocoa varieties and qualities: from the bulk CCN-51 to the fantastic Esmeraldas - which this bar, from the esteemed French chocolate makers: A. Morin is made with. 

Although the packaging is far from inspiring, and simply cannot compete with other French chocolate makers such as Pralus, Bonnat, Cluizel and the like. Although most of us chocolate-lovers are fascinated in how chocolate is presented, the true test, of course, is in the flavour, aroma and texture.

There's certainly no faulting the texture. It's smooth, easy to melt and the crystals are so finely produced the Large Hadron Kaleidoscope would have difficulty splitting the molecules apart. The aroma may not be as prominent as other Ecuador-origin chocolate I've recently tasted but it is certainly fruitful. And its this light summer fruit flavour that certainly comes to the fore. I will admit that it takes time to get going, but when it does appear, like your wife taking time to get ready for a night out but looking utterly splendid when she does finally appear, it is purely delightful. There are very slight dashes at the close of the experience of coconut and peach - along with a heap of cream.  

Certainly don't expect any 'oomph' as you can often get from Ecuador. This is completely different. It's more on a pare with some of the Excellent Colombian chocolates, and even approaching some of the better Venzies. 

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Ethics Unknown
Ingredients Cocoa
Origin Ecuador
Cocoa 70% minimum
Manufacturer's Notes N/a

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