Mulberries In Raw Criollo Dark Chocolate

Mulberries In Raw Criollo Dark Chocolate

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Some have claimed that mulberries are the 'new anti-ageing super-foods', of course we're in no position to make those claims, but purely from a flavour point of view, these raw dark chocolate coated mulberries are perhaps the finest chocolate treats we've ever tried. The flavour is mellow, but sophisticated - they actually taste like small doses of red wine. If you've ever taken M&Ms or Minstrels into the cinema perhaps you should take these as they're just as moreish, and potentially better for you. What I also find enjoyable is the crunch that comes with them - which is definitely noticeable. If you did like raw and organic chocolate and perhaps chocolate that could potentially do you some good, then they may be worth trying.

Additional Information 

Ingredients Chocolate 65% (cocoa beans,palm sugar,cocoa butter – cocoa solids content of 60%),35% of white mulberry
Nutritional-value (approx.) per 100g: Energy-498 kcal / 2076 kJ Protein 5.9 g- Carbohydrates-51.8 g Fat 27.88 g- Fiber-7.8 g
Weight 70g
Produced-in Poland
Best-before-date 25/08/2013

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